Case Study: Conflict Management Coach

Website banner of professional woman for personal branding
Tiffany is a Conflict Management Coach moving from being an employee to fully concentrating on her own business. She came in for some headshots to use on her LinkedIn profile and also a professional listing site for accredited members.

Female actor headshots sporty black singlet and leggings in Sydney studio
Acting headshots have long been considered different to business portraits & headshots. But there is a lot more in common between them that you may think. In fact, I think a lot of small business owners could take a note from how actors use their portraits.

A studio headshot is a result of meticulous planning and discussion on how to prepare, what message you want to send, what clients you wish to attract, and discovery of what personality traits you want to feature.

As you can probably see by now, there are so many factors we take in when we design the perfect profile photograph for you. After getting your clothing and expression aligned to deliver the right message, the last thing you want to do is to have a distracting background that takes the focus away from your message.

One of the things that really affect the message your headshot sends is what you are wearing. It affects the brand you portray to your client. Being over or under-dressed creates a disconnect that makes your clients pause and subconsciously question your suitability.

A common question is how much post production work is done on each corporate image. While we believe in trying to get as much right as possible, sometimes there are factors outside our control that can only be remedied after the fact.